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Fashion Quest 1.0 Alpha 2

Alright, here's Fashion Quest Alpha 2... minor tweaks that make it play nice with Shoes 3. Download here (or on Github). Thanks again to ashbb of the Shoes team for his patches!

The framework relies on Shoes for cross-platform GUI and support and Ruby interpretation. Game elements may be defined using YAML and it is, to my knowledge, the first cross-platform IF framework using Ruby.

The manual can be viewed as PDF or HTML.


  1. Download the Fashion Quest archive and decompress it.
  2. Download the Shoes installer.
  3. Install Shoes.
  4. Run Shoes.
  5. Click "Open an App" and navigate to the Fashion Quest directory.
  6. Double-click run.rb.
  7. Select one of the demo games and click "OK".

Of the demo games, "Fashion Quest: Daydream" features location images and interaction with characters and "Pirate Adventure" is a port of a classic 1979 Scott Adams adventure. "Cloak of Darkness" is a short game that primarily serves as a benchmark with which to compare the framework to other IF frameworks.